Stay-at-Home Order, Day 1

Today embarks on something new for us.  We closed the store front last week to hopes to help slow down the effects of the corona virus.  However, we were still traveling to work, Neal & Cindy(Dad & Mom) working on creating and shipping out wholesale orders, & I snapping pictures for this website and packing up online orders.  With the new mandate, we are asked to stay home since our business is classified as non-essential. For a small business, this is tough.  However, we support our government and the decision that was made to protect us.  We trust our savior, Jesus Christ and we trust that He will move.  In the meantime, we wait, we bake, we pray, we walk, we wait, we trust, we worship, we bake, we do puzzles, we play games, we FaceTime, we pray, we paint, we wait, we trust, we clean, we slow down & savor, we trust, we wait.   We are praying for each one of you, our customers during this time. We appreciate your support & encouragement. Follow along here, Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest for updates during the Stay Home order.  Blessings! Jennifer

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